Work With Me

Let’s talk about how to work with me. I’m happy to help you create content, write for your magazine, or speak at your next congress. Below are the areas where we can work together and the hard part of every conversation … what it costs.

Looking forward to working with you. Contact me via this link.

My Specialities

Creating content is my passion. As an experienced writer, I quickly adapt to your brand style and archetype. I specialize in understanding your brand. What I love is creating content that is specifically in your tone of voice.
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If you’re looking for an active, engaging speaker who can speak about building online communities, a passionate patient advocate who has taken the plunge into research and building a foundation or a twin parent who’s passionate and enthusiastic about raising multiples… Read More.

My friends have always described me as small, but loud. If there was a soapbox and an issue to speak out against, there I would be, shouting loudly and proudly about injustices and topics that need to be talked about…
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Rates and Fees

Everything comes with a price, and if you’ve come to this page, you’re interested at least in what the physical costs of working with me are. So let’s talk about the hard stuff – money and my rates…
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Buy Me a Coffee

If you’d just like to make a contribution to my work and advocacy – you can always just buy me a virtual coffee as well. Click the button to caffeinate my soul.