Content Marketing

Are you a startup or just looking for ways to refresh or start your content marketing strategy on social media and websites? Do you want to help in creating effective messaging for your brand, or are you looking to start a business and want to bounce content ideas with someone? This is where I can help!

From the moment you start your business to established brands, I can advise on steps to take to protect your brand messaging, and develop your brand’s tone of voice, so that your content is a true reflection of what your message is.

Want to chat with me about SEO, and how to utilize this amazing little tool to build your online presence? Keywords are crucial – and I’m happy to help you find yours.

We can also discuss the type of content you post, and where you should post it. I also love talking about the tools you can use to make your content marketing strategy easier.

Some Fun Content Marketing Facts

68% of online experiences begin with a search engine – can your clients find you?

75% of people never go past page one of their search engine results (Where are you hiding?)

Businesses that regularly publish blogs get 55% more traffic than those who don’t.

Content marketing generates around 3 times more leads than traditional marketing strategies, but costs 62% less.

Social media is the most common Content Marketing strategy, and is used by around 87% of marketing teams.

Business Details

Stephanie Ernst is writing and operating under the business name of Ginger Ninja Consulting, registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) under number 71293353. Any invoices will be issued under this business entity.

Content Marketing For You.

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