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About Stephanie Ernst

There’s more to Stephanie than just a sassy mouth, a wicked sense of humor, and her signature red lipstick. Her passion for writing comes from her life experience, and sharing her story is just part of the fun.

Stephanie Ernst Consulting

Stephanie Ernst Consulting – est. 2018
KVK 71293353

Volunteer roles


Parent, Patient and Public Advisory Board (PPPAB) for the European Standards of Care for Newborn Health (ESCNH).


Vice Chair and Communications Director, International Council of Mutiple Birth Organisations (ICOMBO)

TAPS Support

The TAPS Support Foundation.


Ouders voor Ouders
English Support

About me

And a little more ..

She’s a full-time mum of two adorable, chatty girls. She cooks up a storm in her spare time and hates housework passionately. Not only that, but she dabbles in many things, reads history books and autobiographies, is obsessed with historical dramas but loves to point out the inaccuracies, and loves vintage clothes. She also still likes her husband after 15 years of knowing him … so there’s that.

She’ll talk about TAPS underwater and make sure the world knows about it too.

Furthermore, she is creative, cheeky, and fun and does everything with a smile (and the occasional grumble), but her addiction to lists, post-it notes, magnetic whiteboards, and Google Calendar means she’s reliable. (To her husband’s annoyance.)

But the most important thing is this – if you’ve made it this far and are curious about Stephanie Ernst … Drop her a line to discuss ALL the future possibilities.

Let her help you with your copy or tell your story.

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