Who Am I?

Hello, I’m Stephanie Ernst.

Everything has a story or a history to share, and every person has a tale to tell.

I should know this, because I’ve been telling my story for a long time. It’s because I am a raconteuse.

Your story is unique and should be the star of the show. Sometimes, bringing that story to the world stage can be difficult. I am Stephanie Ernst, and I put your story into the spotlight.

Through storytelling and word-crafting your script, I deliver the lines for you, giving your story the chance to shine, so that you do not have to worry about stage fright.

Together we will bring your story’s script from dress rehearsal to giving an award-winning performance, center stage, and deliver your clear, concise and unique message.

My role as a storyteller is to tell untold tales. I believe that everyone has a voice and that each story is unique and deserves respect and to be told in a way that everyone can understand.

I also want to share my story, and let you know about my journey with Twin Anemia Polycythemia Sequence. My girls’ story is one of courage, strength, and a lot of humorous anecdotes about placentas. I created a foundation that takes their story, and brings it to the world, and advocates for updated screening protocols.

The stage is set, and the spotlight is focused. Tell me how we can move into the spotlight together?